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Anime and Voice Acting

How did you get started in Voice Acting?
By accident....and word of mouth. My name was given to some of the directors at ADV who were looking for an actor who sounded VERY young. I went in and gave it my all, and continued to audition for other roles until I finally landed a small role about a year later.

How can I become a voice actor?
I would recommend other forms of acting first. Almost all of the other voice actors I have met do some other form of acting as well. Take a class / workshop on acting or improvisation. Nothing beats a solid foundation. Improvisation is one of the best skills a voice actor can have because you never know what you may be expected to do. Classes and workshop are totally valuable because you have a chance to work on your skills while bouncing ideas off of other people. The critique and feedback are priceless.

Did you make a voice reel?
No, I was fortunate enough to be called in for an audition. But a voice reel surely doesn't’t hurt. Especially if you have a wide range of vocal abilities.

Do I need an agent to get into voice acting?
That all depends on who you ask. I do not have an agent, I have been lucky enough to find work on my own.

Can you tell me about the new shows ADV are currently working on? Come on, I promise it’s just between you and me….
Ummmmm…..NO! I’m just a silly voice actor, I don’t know what you’re talking about. No seriously, ADV will let us know about new shows when the time is right...

Is there a particular character that you have voiced that you don’t like?
I don’t think there is a single character that I have ever voiced that I don’t like. Some were harder than others but I like all of them.

Do you ever wish you could go back and re-record certain lines?
Dude....that would be Every time I record. There is always something that I am not quite happy with, or when I hear it played back I think ….Geeez! But you have to trust the director your working with, it's usually is just actor insecurity.

About Me

If I send you e-mail, will you really write me back?
Yeah I really will, I’m just not always good about responding immediately, but I do repond to e-mail....greg@gregayres.com

Can I e-mail you fanfics/stories/images?
Sure, although I’m can be a total “Lackey” when it comes to responding to e-mail. I’m getting better though. If you want to send images make sure they aren’t too huge and try to keep them in Jpeg format ( They’re the easiest for me to view)

Wanna Chat on AIM?

Sure ... My screen name is Bam23. Although I'm not on AIM very often, I totally love chatting with cool peeps. The only thing that I ask is that you be patient....I may be chatting with more than one person...so sometimes the responses are a little slow.

Can I link to your site?
Sure, as long as it’s not a link on some Dub-hater's web site. I am going to try to build a banner for anyone who wants to link me. When I get those done, I’ll probably post them on this page somewhere.

Anime Conventions

Are you planning on coming to a con near me?
I wish I could go to every con around, but I haven't been invited to them. If you want to see anyone specific at a convention, you have to e-mail the con and let them know. you can even send the link to my con info page .

Would you like to be a guest at our convention?
Did Someone say convention? … * Starts packing bags*
Of course, I love conventions and jump at the chance to go promote Anime. I don’t charge any appearance fee’s aside from travel and hotel arrangements. For more information you can visit my con info page.